Tanker Sauna Session

This kit makes 23l

ABV approx: 4,8%
bitterness: IBU 11-15
colour: Gold
yeast: English Ale yeast
dry hop additions: Tettnang

Tasting notes:

The essence of a traditional sauna captured in a can. A unique beer with a strong aroma of birch, and a flavour that is refreshing and satisfying. Brewed with real Estonian birch leaves, Sauna Session is a smooth, intriguingly aromatic, refreshing experience with a pleasant malty finish. Perfect companion to the sauna, the dinner table or just to quench your thirst.


Liquid malt extract (barley), natural birch flavouring, dried hops, dried yeast (yeast, emulsifier (E491)), hop extract.

Fermentation Brewing Sugar: 1 kg or dark liquid malt extract
Priming Sugar: 4 g of Sucrose per litre